The supermarket in nova levante, how it works and where to find

The supermarket in nova levante is a landmark in the area. In fact, many people turn to this supermarket for their everyday shopping, because they know where fruit and vegetables come from, that is, from the Trentino Alto Adige area. In this supermarket we try to encourage local production, precisely because we grow together in a territory. In addition to this, it is important to remember that the supermarket is also a point of reference for those in the transit area. In fact, the supermarket offers everything you need for mountain equipment and even some souvenirs.

The supermarket in nova levante has everything you need to get a spectacular holiday, or an always affordable shopping. What are all the product categories available?

  • Food: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.
  • Sport equipment;
  • Leisure equipment;
  • Commonly used objects;
  • Souvenirs and postcards for tourists.

These are some examples of what can be found in this well-stocked shop, which also becomes a way to stock up or take a break in an environment nestled in the mountains, where everyone knows each other and feels good. The offers are continuous and this really makes a difference.

The supermarket in nova levante is at your disposal directly at the address indicated on the official website, where you will find Tyrolean specialties and all the best that this area has to offer. Even if you need something on the fly, you will find an equipped structure that can best meet your needs and save something at least on what you need as a grocery, such as bottles of water or seasonal fruit. For this reason, the supermarket is also a point of reference for the inhabitants of Trentino Alto Adige, able to respond immediately to any need.

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