Holidays in Amalfi coast: where to book?

Holidays in Amalfi Coast

Among the stretches of coast most loved by tourists we find the Amalfi coast which offers breathtaking views, splendid views, a dream sea, culture and history that date back to the dawn of time. Booking Holidays in Amalfi Coast means appreciating its spirit and getting rid of watches and so on, even for a short period of time.

This area is characterized by a high stretch of coast that descends sheer to the sea, full of cliffs, inlets and villages that peek out with their pretty colorful houses. The clear and crystalline water ignites when it is touched by the sun’s rays, an almost magical moment that makes your Holidays on the Amalfi Coast unique.

A unique setting is painted which makes this area the ideal destination for any kind of holiday: from a cultural visit to the historic villages to a romantic weekend dedicated to relaxation and the sea. You cannot visit Amalfi without starting from the Duomo or Cathedral of Sant’Andrea. Inside there are precious frescoes, in addition to the crypt which preserves the remains of the patron saint.

If the Cathedral is the main stage of a visit to Amalfi, immediately afterwards all that remains is to discover and get lost in the narrow streets of the city, since the beauty of a place can be discovered by getting lost inside it. Anyone wishing to experience wonderful holidays on the Amalfi coast in complete tranquility will have to stay a few days in some structure.

In this regard, we can recommend Calipso Residence, a structure that was born from an old manor house. Each apartment is cared for down to the smallest detail and is equipped with every kind of comfort. There are 3 apartments available for guests: Smeraldo, Zaffiro and La Perla, each with its own peculiar characteristics, all equipped with every kind of comfort to make the tourist feel right at home.

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