User biometric parameters monitoring app: vital signs under control

In the medical field, having an user biometric parameters monitoring app that can keep patients’ vital parameters under control, allowing an automatic compilation of health reports based on the information collected, represents a real revolution. These systems not only facilitate the task of healthcare personnel, who are able to immediately have all the information about the patient, but also allow them to have monitoring of patients remotely and in real time.

Telemedicine has made great strides in this field and today offers a kit able to communicate with the IT-HEALTH and MAXXIE platforms with an application that can be installed on smartphones and tablets. The kit is called Genus and has the advantage of avoiding the patient having to go to the health facilities, since it is able to perform remote and real-time control of its vital parameters, providing the necessary information to the health personnel, but also assistance to the patient who is at home. In this way, if the patient needs to receive a specialist opinion, this is possible, since, thanks to the Genus kit, the patient can also obtain it remotely. The application is also useful for people affected by Covid-19 who must observe a quarantine, but who need to be monitored by specialized health personnel to remedy the aggravation of the disease. Simply put, the remote monitoring kit is a real lifesaver.

But how exactly does this user biometric parameters monitoring app work?

Through the appropriate application, the Genus kit provides health data in real time through its various and specific devices, or by monitoring the patient suffering from the following pathologies:

  • chronic heart failure and cardiorespiratory, through a real-time ECG
  • chronic obstructive respiratory failure, automatically detecting the respiratory rate
  • pathologies related to Covid19, through the measurement of peripheral oxygen saturation in the blood and that related to blood pressure
  • severe type I and type II diabetes with the help of the real-time glucometer
  • stroke or transient ischemic attacks, through the measurement of blood parameters

Monitoring biometric parameters performed in real time can save a life. Visit the website for more information.

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