The hammam massage, relaxing for both mind and body

What is the hammam message


The hammam massage is an ancient technique that combines the heat of the hammam steam with massaging maneuvers, for a total rest experience. Its origins date back to the countries of the Middle East.


Its name derives from the hamman, also known as the Turkish bath, the place where this massage was traditionally practiced: the warm, humid environment created by the vapors is in fact ideal for dissolving tension and allowing the masseur to operate in depth with the movements.



How to perform a hammam massage


The session begins by letting the body relax in the hot steam for about 10 minutes, then we move on to the real massage, during which we perform continuous maneuvers created with pressure from the palms, fingertips, forearms and elbows. The goal is to loosen muscle contractures and reactivate circulation to relieve stress, pain and stiffness.


The whole body is massaged from head to toe, favoring the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Very effective is the acupressure on the cheekbones, forehead, scalp, capable of improving blood circulation and giving psychophysical relief.


The benefits of the hammam massage are numerous: it visibly relaxes the muscles, eases the mind from thoughts, improves the quality of sleep, releases the tensions accumulated in the eyelids and face, relieves chronic pain and functional disorders.



Who to contact for a hammam massage


In summary, the massage during the Turkish bath allows you to experience a truly relaxing break, completely abandoning yourself to the expert hands of the masseur who manages to reach the deepest points of the body, leaving a feeling of total well-being.


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