Hasci Swiss: the ultimate hair transplant method

You discovered the beginning of a baldness and you’d really like to get your hair back? You should know that androgenic alopecia can affect both women and men and it is natural that it represents, in addition to a significant change in your image, also a damage to your self-esteem. This last aspect should not be underestimated at all, as it can be the cause of depression and anxiety and, beyond the impact on your mood, it also adds the wrong idea of not being able to solve the problem.

Do you know the origin of hair loss?

The human body contains a hormone, DHT, which is derived from testosterone. DHT occurs through a particular enzyme, better known as 5 alpha reductase. Each hair is born from a bulb, the so-called follicle and when the DHT hormone penetrates the bulb, it causes its shrinkage which, in turn, gives rise to the progressive decrease in the thickness and length of the hair to the point where it no longer grows, generating alopecia.

It has always been a common thought that there is no turning back from baldness. There’s nothing wrong with that! Unfortunately, in the case of the male universe, many men solve the problem simply by completely shaving their heads and wearing this new look with extreme security. Surely a solution that suits many of them, but there are as many to which this look not only does not give at all, but that gives them an image older than they are. In addition, the scalp of many is not intact and this affects a rather important image damage.

As a matter of fact, the research has found the solution in a hair transplantation method which is quite efficient and, incredible to say, absolutely definitive: th Hasci Swiss method.

What is the Hasci Swiss method and how does it work?

We are dealing with a revolutionary method that is based on the ability of human stem cells to regenerate in an absolutely physiological way. The technique consists in removing only a small part of the hair follicles, in place of the whole follicles, from the donor area and in transplanting the portion of tissue containing a sufficient number of stem cells in the recipient area, thus favoring the regrowth of new hair.

The natural regenerative power promotes the growth of a greater number of hair from the individual follicles very close together, generating a dense growth and a totally natural appearance from the aesthetic point of view. The only additional caution is given by the use of a special solution that strengthens them, stimulating the growth and vitality of new hair both in the recipient area, but also in the donor.

Discover the cutting-edge clinic in the hair transplant method

The clinic boasts the highest medical standards, using highly qualified specialists for their skills and experience in the field of hair cloning transplantation.

During the preliminary consultation, you will be provided with all the information regarding the treatment, which lasts one day, during which you can enjoy a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Visit the Hasci Swiss website for more information and let yourself be tempted by the idea of having your original hair back!